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Custom Sublimated Cheer Uniforms

When you are showing your team spirit, you need to have the moves, look sharp, and bring out the best in your players and the home team fans. Cheering isn't just for the sidelines. It is an active part of the sport which involves dynamic, explosive action, timing, and extreme physical conditioning and training. Like any sports uniform, a custom sublimated cheer uniform needs to have mobility, durability, and function in mind. Cheer team uniforms need to focus on other dynamics on top of this: the need to show off team colors, logos, and draw the attention of the crowd! You are all part of the spectacle of the sport and need to represent your team with pride and vibrancy – your uniforms need to match this spirit!  

Dye sublimation process

A key element of our arsenal of design and fabrication is the use of dye sublimation. Unlike other processes, which use airbrushes or adhesive logos, Resto Apparel utilizes professional-grade printing techniques. By using heat and pressure with pigment, the material is fed through a device, much like a laser printer, which bonds the dye to the fibers of the fabric at an atomic level. This eliminates the risk of peeling, fading, flaking, or wearing off. This means your custom sublimated cheer uniforms last much longer than other printed uniforms.

The result of this process is a vibrant product that can be made to any specification. In the case of cheering, the uniforms will need to withstand a lot of punishment, rolling, jumps, slides, and lots of sweat that would quickly ruin any other kind of uniform. With the design set into the fabric, you can wash your cheer team uniform as needed, to keep it looking clean and sharp.

The Manufacturer's Difference: YOU have complete control because we do

USA Based


Our Kansas City-based production facility allows for faster turnaround times and quicker delivery.



Our USA-based facility means you save on shipping costs, tariffs, lengthy turnaround times, and costs on errors.

Customer Service



You are our first priority. We are dedicated to quality and that means that production doesn't start until you give final approval.

Design Team



Our in-house design teams can utilize an exiting design or logo or create a new one for your apparel. 

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The Resto Apparel difference

Resto Apparel has been making custom team uniforms for years.  Our custom sublimated cheer uniforms can have any design, style, print, or logo you need.  We have our own in-house design team that can help you design your uniform, either with custom artwork, fonts, and logos, or creating something from existing designs as reference points.  Since we are located in the USA, our facilities are never far away and you get to be a part of the process from start to finish.  Nothing goes to print without your approval. 


If you want to take your team to the next level, don't settle for generic logos from the same catalog everyone else uses.  Resto Apparel is priced to fit your budget and specializes in working with any client to create the perfect uniform.

Contact Us

If you are tired of uniforms that wear out, crack, flake or fall apart after a few washings, it's time to see what Resto Apparel can do for you. We bring unparalleled craftsmanship, cutting edge design, and a dedicated staff who won't deliver a product until it suits your needs. Request a quote online today, or call 1 (816) 897-8887 to get started! Our design team is ready to work with you to build the best custom sublimated cheer uniforms you had always hoped to find. We are in the business of making your teams look good! 


4611 E 11th Kansas City, MO 64127

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