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Custom Wholesale Basketball Uniforms & Apparel 

We are USA-based private label manufacturers looking to make you a hero with your customers.


Daily Capacity of Thousands. Your Brand in the Collar. Three Print, Cut & Sew Facilities. USA Peace of Mind. Factory Direct Reseller Pricing. Unlimited Customization.

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YOU Have Complete Control Because WE DO.

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The Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear team is dedicated to producing high-quality, creative, custom wholesale basketball uniforms. We want to make sure anyone wearing our bulk basketball uniforms looks their best dribbling down the court, and that includes your customers. In order to provide our teams across America with the best comfort and quality that there is to offer, SWS continues to own and operate all of our own facilities. From design to delivery, we oversee and control every part of production in-house including laser cutting and sewing. With this unique service, SWS is able to accommodate lightning-fast turnaround times and offer special factory direct reseller pricing.

Helping You Build Your Brand

It is our priority at SWS to provide consistent, reliable wholesale sportswear and apparel manufacturing services. We have an in-house team of artists and production staff ready to create exceptional wholesale basketball uniforms and jerseys.


When you contact SWS, our team immediately begins drafting a plan to produce uniforms and other apparel for your brand. Once your bulk basketball uniforms are ready to be shipped, we provide blind-shipping services. SWS also operates with a high daily capacity, enabling us to produce thousands of individual items and get your basketball jersey orders fulfilled. With your brand in the collar and our unrivaled production services, we’ll have your wholesale basketball uniforms printed, cut, sewn, and delivered in record time.

Why We Use Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a dynamic way of printing that uses heat and pressure to embed the dye directly in the fibers of the material at a molecular level. This means that the ink sits within the fabric instead of on top, meaning that prints, designs, and colors won’t fade or peel off. This printing method also means that all of our products, including wholesale basketball uniforms, will continue to remain resistant to the effects of regular wear. Your customers won’t have to worry about uniforms cracking, scratching, peeling, or fading. With long-lasting and vibrant logos, numbers, and designs, every eye will be on them.

We Build Your Brand


Our professional art team

will design for your customer


Unlimited customization.


No middle man!

24 / 7 production tracking

from start to finish.


We will send a photo of your project printed on fabric for color and design approval.


2 week standard delivery! Blind Shipped. Reliable tracking straight to your door.


Choose Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear as Your Wholesale Partner


Based in the USA, Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear is the clear choice as your wholesale partner. We have made it our mission to create the apparel that our partners need quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. At SWS, we don’t rest until our customers are happy, and we work hard to make sure we achieve your desired result.

Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear can create custom wholesale basketball uniforms for your organization. At SWS we pride ourselves on unrivaled customer service, lightning-fast delivery times, and a proven track record that makes us the clear choice for wholesale uniforms, jerseys, warm-up gear, kits, support apparel, and more! You can expect high-quality wholesale basketball uniforms and wholesale basketball jerseys that your brand can be proud of. Reach out to a member of our team to discuss your custom order of bulk basketball uniforms today!

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