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Frequently Asked Questions

How does our pricing and service compare to the competition?

We don't think that you can beat our prices because we have efficient systems in place. When you work with us, you are working directly with the factory. The only possibility for a reduction in price would be directly from a factory in China, Pakistan or Vietnam. These factories use the same dye sublimation processes that we use, but have unethically low wages. Reliability can always be a problem when dealing with purely international manufacturers. When add on fees, shipping and potential import/export duties are accounted for, the quoted price can be substantially impacted. 

We offset our three living wage international plants (two in the Caribbean and an Egyptian) with our Kansas City plant. Although our Kansas City plant does impact our cost, you can fee good knowing how your product was made and be assured that your order will arrive on time. Our Kansas City plant is an insurance policy against potential international issues. We also maintain a big advantage of control by owning and operating the international plants.

Our pricing wouldn't be as amazing if we were purely based in North America, and you wouldn't like our service if we were purely internationally based either.

​Are there any sneaky hidden up-charges?  How much does shipping cost?

We don't charge anything for setting up your order or for making the art (with a few exceptions when art becomes extreme) on your order of 10 or more pieces. We do have an up-charge for Plus Sized garments ($1.30 per X): 2X = $2.60, 3X = $3.90, 4X = $5.20, 5X = $6.50, 6X = $7.80. We also charge $0.50 each for individual names and/or numbers on your garments.


We charge for shipping, but we don't mark it up like most companies. We have excellent rates which we pass on to you. As a general rule, shipping will run for about 3% (with a minimum Fed Ex charge of $16 per box). All shipping rates you pay are based on Kansas City. 


For Add-on and Fill-in follow up orders of less than 10 units, there is a set-up fee of $25 per order. A lot of the time, people join the group late and will need a rush garment.  

What about timeliness – How do I ensure that I will receive my product in time?


If you care about a deadline you have picked the right company. We truly care about your deadline. Keystar Apparel plans all production around a turnaround time of 14 days to shipment - from art work approval, a roster submission (quantity per size, etc.) and deposit payment. To be safe, we recommend an allowance of 20 days to shipment. If you have a tighter deadline and an absolute-in-hands date of 20 days or less, please make this very clear in your comments on the order.

If this is the case you will be charge 6% of the total order amount for shipping (or a minimum of $35) to allow us to use Expedited Freight Services. Normal shipping costs are around 3% of your order amount. If you have an Absolute-in-hands date of less than 15 days from payment - you must make this extremely clear and boldly in your comments and get approval from your representative. Then, if it gets approved, there will be a rush fee of $4 per garment (or a minimum of $65 per order). 

What about add-on orders – what if we need an additional shirt or two later on? 

This is a perfectly normal situation and we've got you covered. We ship these orders within a week. There is a set-up fee of $25 if the add-on order is less than 10 units. If the add-on order is 10 or more units of a style - it will be priced the same as the rest of your order and there are no set-up fees. The shipping for add-ons is generally around the Fed Ex minimum charge of $15. 

Can I combine styles or different artwork to reach order quantity price breaks?  

In general, the answer is no. Pricing is per style or graphic. So, if you make an order for 50 short sleeve garments and 50 long sleeve garments you would receive pricing for 50 pieces for each instead of the 100 piece price. 

​Can I add in a couple shirts for the coaches, or maybe even a goalie shirt?

In general, yes! For cases like these we will allow you to add in a few garments of a different variety to accommodate coaches or players on the field who wear a different style garment. An example of this would be a basketball team that needs 2 polo shirts for their coaches. We presume that the artwork is not substantially different from the standard uniforms - although the colour can be different (ie goalie shirts). 

​What if we don’t want the prescribed fabric but want to up-grade? 

We work to select the best fabric for the style of garment but some teams want to upgrade fabrics which is perfectly fine. If you want to upgrade a garment to another fabric that is not the usual prescribed fabric for the style it is perfectly fine. The pricing for these upgrades is as follows: 

To go to a 4 way stretch poly/sandex fabrics (pindot mesh or smooth) from a standard 2-way stretch: $6.50 per garment. 

To go to a 4.1 oz. Flatback Mesh/Birdseye pique: $1.30 per garment.

To go to a 6 oz. Flatback Mesh/Birdseye pique: $4 per garment.

To go to a pindot Mesh (4 way stretch) on the back of a shirt: $6.50

How should we wash and care for our garments?

Our recommendation is to wash them inside out - especially the sweatshirts! Other than that, a standard washing machine on cool or warm temperature should work fine. Line drying is preferable to tumble drying. You should be able to wash your garments many times without any fading or peeling occurring. Some pilling, especially when tumble drying is normal - washing inside out helps a lot in regard to this.

How do I communicate about my order throughout the process?

There is a tracking function on our website that allows you to enter in your order/invoice number and get an email showing the estimated ship date. You will also have a personal representative that will handle your order from start to finish and will be readily accessible by telephone, text, or email. We are proud to be readily accessible. If a representative isn't immediately available, they will message you as soon as they can. 

What about fit? How do we know how the garments fit?

We try to be very similar to size - so if a person normally wears a size small they should order a small. We generally cut our styles slightly on the larger side versus the small side of the size - in our experience, customers prefer slightly looser garments than tighter. We also provide sizing charts so that you can measure your people and determine what size they need. Our sizing chart features body size (not shirt size). To determine your size, simply measure your waistline. Some companies feature the garment size, so it is important to take note of this.

We don't prefer to provide sizing samples but will do so on larger order. We charge $15 per size for these fit samples and they are returnable for credit. ($20 each on large items like hoodies, football jerseys and pants).

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