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Keystar Apparel was started with a desire to impress customers and bless workers. We have no interest in putting the fate of your project in the hands of some disinterested manufacturer on the other side of the globe. Instead, we handle all manufacturing ourselves with our 4 facilities. We blend North American and international manufacturing allowing us to offer affordable pricing. Since we own all of our facilities, we can ensure our unparalleled turn around times and high levels of quality. We produce over 1800 fully custom units/day, while providing dignified work for groups of local refugees and marginalized people.


Not satisfied with just happy customers, we started the social arm of our factories and called it "Transformation Textiles", serving the most vulnerable women with dignity via our EVA wear brand of sanitary pads and underwear. By recycling offcuts, we not only help reduce waste in a historically wasteful industry, but are helping changes lives around the world.

Sublimated Jerseys
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