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Get Custom Bulk Pricing In Less than 10 Seconds!
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You Can Now Afford to Step Up to Full Dye-Sublimation

Based in the USA. Three Print, Cut & Sew Facilities. Unrivaled Customization. Unmatched Production Capacity. 

Custom Wholesale Clothing & Apparel 

Your team or league sportswear is important and sets you apart from your competitors during games, tournaments, and other events. At Resto Apparel, we know that high-quality bulk team apparel can create a sense of unity and promote motivation among all players, and we want to show you just how good you can look! We specialize in the manufacturing and printing of bulk sportswear and bulk team apparel such as jerseys, uniforms, warm-up gear, travel kits, and more for any team, league, company, or organization. Our in-house design and manufacturing teams combine their honed skills to create high-quality, completely custom apparel. 

Matching apparel can be used to advertise, motivate, and bring together each person wearing it, and convey an image of professionalism, strength, and teamwork that can lead your team to success.

Bulk Apparel & League Sportswear


Ordering bulk sportswear can equip you with the right gear for your team, league, gym, or company and give everyone the team spirit they need to win. Resto Apparel can fulfill bulk sportswear orders of any size and include custom artwork, designs, and player numbers to complete the look. Buying bulk sportswear is a great solution for those who need to equip large numbers or groups of players with the same gear.



Our professional art team

will design for your customer


Unlimited customization.


No middle man!

24 / 7 production tracking

from start to finish.


We will send a photo of your project printed on fabric for color and design approval.


2 week standard delivery! Blind Shipped. Reliable tracking straight to your door.

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One of a Kind Artwork and Dye Sublimation to Make It Last

Scratching, peeling, fading, cracking, flaking...these are all bad words when it comes to bulk sportswear, and our use of dye sublimation ensures that you won’t have to worry about them. Dye sublimation consists of solid dyes that are turned into gas momentarily while being pressed and heated. The dye transfers to the fabric and sets rapidly so that it creates an extremely durable finish. This means that your order of bulk team apparel is sure to get a lot of use while looking as fresh as when it was first pressed.


Our designers work closely with our manufacturing team to create stunning, workable designs that meet the needs of your team, league, or company and include the components necessary to stand out on the field (or on the ice). Nearly any design is possible, and we can incorporate patterns of various colors to get the style just right.

This detailed process of high-quality production might sound expensive, but buying bulk team apparel doesn’t have to be unattainable. With Resto Apparel, you can get custom bulk sportswear for under $10 per jersey or uniform!

Why Choose SWS for Your Custom Bulk Apparel?

At SWS we do things a little differently than other apparel manufacturers. We set out on a mission to help talented and passionate people create useful apparel options that would help bond players together and create a sense of belonging.


We focus on providing our customers with an expedited service so they can avoid waiting for overseas apparel orders that take a significant amount of time to ship, and we do that by keeping our entire operation in-house here in the United States – which also allows us to keep an eye on the level of quality that we present to you.


With positivity flowing through our workplaces and employees praised for their accomplishments, our team at SWS is proud of the work we do and we want to share our passion with you by fulfilling your bulk sportswear and bulk team apparel orders quickly and accurately. If you’re ready to experience another level of customization and quality apparel, complete the form below to get started with your bulk order

Contact Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear

Request a quote online today, or call 1 (786) 281-8480 to get started! 

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