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Custom Gaiters & Face Masks

Custom gaiters and face masks are one of those garments that no one particular use can be agreed upon. From cyclists to runners, hikers, fishermen, and all points in between, neck and face gaiters are applicable for just about any outdoor recreation activity. They operate effectively as a headband or an adjustable neck scarf that can also cover your mouth like a face mask to keep dust and other debris out of your face and neck. They excel at keeping the wind/sun/dirt off your skin and out of your mouth and even offer a solid barrier of protection from sunburn. Custom neck and face gaiters can also be used as a hood, headband, beanie, hair band, headscarf, or scrunchie.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a process in which heat and pressure are used to fuse pigment directly to the fabric of a garment. This process bonds at an atomic level to the fibers of the custom neck and face gaiter, making it colorfast. The process can also be highly detailed, allowing you to permanently affix any design, logo, or lettering to the cloth being used.

Dye sublimation produces a product that will not flake, fade, blur, or bleed, unlike other dyeing processes. This means that your custom gaiter can take a lot of sweat, physical punishment, and even sunlight without wearing out the design. What's more is it is extremely durable wash after wash, letting you use it and clean it as needed without fear of ruining it. Dye sublimation can be made to order on anything from jerseys to hoodies, custom gaiters, to tanks or shorts.

The Manufacturer's Difference: YOU have complete control because we do

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USA Based

Our Kansas City-based production facility allows for faster turnaround times and quicker delivery.


Our USA-based facility means you save on shipping costs, tariffs, lengthy turnaround times, and costs on errors.

Customer Service

You are our first priority. We are dedicated to quality and that means that production doesn't start until you give final approval.

Design Team

Our in-house design teams can utilize an exiting design or logo or create a new one for your apparel. 

Personalize it!

Since your custom masks and gaiter can offer up a lot of surface area on your body, you can use this kind of real-estate to proudly display your team or business logo.  Perfect for outdoor competitive sports such as cycling, running, or adventure hiking, you can show your team spirit with a matching mask.  And because there is no one use for it, a gaiter is a versatile piece of activewear that will have all sorts of uses for everyone on your team.  Resto Apparel's dye sublimation process is a perfect match for such a rugged piece of gear too, since it will not fade, flake, or peel either with use or multiple washings.

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Custom Masks with Filter Pad


Comfortable Surgical Style Face mask with Filter Pouch (or permanent  Interface Lining) (3 ply total)

- 100% Poly-performance interlock construction featuring 15 inch bias tape straps, 2-ply construction and 4.8 x 3.6 (inch) compartment for a filter pad (filter pad sold separately). 

- Mask fabric is sublimation printed with your choice of color and artwork. Both front and back of the mask will be decorated with your graphics – and will read properly on the face or hanging on the chest.   Great for corporate logos and colors. Solids are great too – any color.


Loop Style Face mask 

- 100% Poly-performance interlock construction

- Mask fabric is sublimation printed with your choice of color and artwork. Both front and back of the mask will be decorated with your graphics


- These masks are printed, cut and sewn in our Kansas City plant – and create wonderful job opportunities for our local refugee population. 


Lead times on Masks are generally at least 1 week for manufacturing.

Filter Pad Pouch

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Resto Apparel specializes custom apparel and accessories.  We know that our customers expect the best and for their custom apparel to last. If you're looking for custom gaiters and face masks, Resto Apparel is your one-stop-shop! Our advanced printing process allows for unmatched levels of customization and adjustments. 


We make getting in contact easy! Either submit your request via our website or give us a call at 1 (816) 897-8887. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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