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Looking for a Reliable Wholesale Football Jersey Manufacturing Partner?

We are USA-based private label manufacturers looking to make you a hero with your customers.


Daily Capacity of Thousands. Your Brand in the Collar. Three Print, Cut & Sew Facilities. USA Peace of Mind. Factory Direct Reseller Pricing. Unlimited Customization.

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YOU Have Complete Control Because WE DO.

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Partnering with Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear means that you have direct access to your wholesale football uniforms supplier right here in the United States. Our team of professional designers and uniform manufacturers bring their talents together to offer high-quality wholesale football jerseys and provide you with fast turnaround times along with exceptional customer service. Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear will make sure that the wholesale football jerseys you receive are properly suited for your resale use. Both our design and manufacturing teams are located under one roof in the same building here in the USA so that we’re able to accurately complete your wholesale football uniforms order without the miscommunication issues that can sometimes occur with overseas orders. This also means that we can inspect your wholesale football jerseys to ensure that they conform to our quality standards. From initial design to manufacturing and printing, you’re able to control the process and our team will provide the support you need.

SWS is an American company with a diverse workforce of people who eagerly apply their talents to bringing your ideas to life.  With unmatched customer service, from design to final product you are in control.  Our customer service team is ready to respond to your needs and address any concerns.

Shopping for a league? Let us know when you speak to your salesperson to discuss custom pricing!

We Build Your Brand


Our professional art team

will design for your customer


Unlimited customization.


No middle man!

24 / 7 production tracking

from start to finish.


We will send a photo of your project printed on fabric for color and design approval.


2 week standard delivery! Blind Shipped. Reliable tracking straight to your door.


What Makes Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear Different?

At Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear, our goal is to help you be the hero to your customers. We wanted to break away from the traditional operation method and form an apparel company that was fueled by passion and dedication. We own and operate all of our manufacturing locations and kept our headquarters in the United States. The reason for our unparalleled customer service is that our team is genuinely motivated to contribute to your success. We handpick the most talented and passionate people to work with us, and the result is a team driven by customer satisfaction. When we provide wholesale football uniforms, we aren’t just selling sports apparel. We’re forming a partnership, and inviting you to count on us for your wholesale football jerseys and other needs. To place your order for wholesale football uniforms or wholesale football jerseys, click on Get More Info below!

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