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Wholesale Soccer Jerseys & Uniforms

We are USA-based private label manufacturers looking to make you a hero with your customers.


Daily Capacity of Thousands. Your Brand in the Collar. Three Print, Cut & Sew Facilities. USA Peace of Mind. Factory Direct Reseller Pricing. Unlimited Customization.

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YOU Have Complete Control Because WE DO.

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We want our customers’ customers to look their best when they’re on the field which is why we specialize in wholesale soccer uniforms, jerseys, kits, and apparel! Getting soccer teams outfitted with new jerseys, uniforms, kits, apparel, and everything in-between is incredibly easy with Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear. We provide teams across the country with comfortable soccer kits that help players look, feel, and play their best on the field. In an effort to remain in control of every aspect of the manufacturing process, we own and operate all our facilities across the United States. This means that every part of production is completed by SWS, including laser cutting and sewing. Keeping the entire process in-house means we can accommodate quick turnaround times and offer factory-direct reseller pricing,

Helping Your Brand Grow

At SWS we are committed to making you your customer’s hero. With a team of dedicated artists and production staff, we are able to create intricate custom jerseys and uniforms that will make your customers stand out from the crowd. Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear is dedicated to our partners and helping other brands grow with our wholesale options. Offering fantastic customer service based in the United States, SWS also boasts lightning-fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, and a streamlined process for corrections and adjustments. As a wholesale partner dedicated to helping you build your brand, SWS offers the unique service of blind shipping high-quality, private labeled custom wholesale soccer uniforms directly to your customers. We strive to have your customers’ orders printed, cut, sewn, and delivered in record time. By maintaining our in-house manufacturing standards, we have been able to eliminate the middleman and offer reliable dye sublimation printing services at amazing prices.

We Build Your Brand


Our professional art team

will design for your customer


Unlimited customization.


No middle man!

24 / 7 production tracking

from start to finish.


We will send a photo of your project printed on fabric for color and design approval.


2 week standard delivery! Blind Shipped. Reliable tracking straight to your door.


Partner with Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear


Our team is committed to providing our wholesale partners with high-end customer service and responsiveness. SWS is based solely in the United States, making us a top choice for resellers and partners. Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear also owns and operates its own warehouses and manufacturing facilities to ensure our quality standards are maintained throughout the entirety of the process, from design to delivery.

Our partners have complete control of the process because we don't outsource anything! With Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear on your team, you can expect high-quality custom wholesale soccer jerseys and wholesale soccer uniforms that your business can be proud of. Reach out to one of our team members today to discuss your custom order and take advantage of our wholesale pricing. Make us your trusted wholesale partner and see why SWS is the best choice for wholesale partnerships across the country.

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